Friday, May 22, 2009

What makes us different

We're pondering the Christian foundations of the U.S. and, in this season, turning our thoughts to Memorial Day. Although we traditionally contemplate WWII and the "Greatest Generation," it is also important to remember those who are fighting for our freedoms right now.

Americans generally have a reverence for life which is unknown to America's enemies. Enjoy this bittersweet, solemn and yet entertaining movie: "Taking Chance." I guarantee you will be choked up during at least one scene, and you will walk away with an even deeper sense of pride in the American soldier.

And please don't go around saying, "Happy Memorial Day."

That just doesn't make sense.

If you see a Veteran, say, "Thank you." Just two more things:

Putting on that uniform they are saying to all of us.....
"I will put myself in harm's way for you. I will take your place in time of danger."

"If you are an American, you know of two people who have died for you: Jesus Christ, who died for your soul, and the American G.I., who died for your freedom."

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