Friday, May 8, 2009

If it comes across your desk, don't veto it

I'll go into the historical derivation later...

Bill of Grace is a play on Bill of Rights, since I'm particularly interested in the relationship between religion and politics in our conception of freedom.

When I taught History long ago, a student posited: "But doesn't the government give us the right to..."

Then I cut her off, stood up from the child-sized desk I was squeezed into, and tossed it behind me for show. Well, it scooted across the carpet several feet and bumped the door behind me, and the students immediately gawked as I proclaimed: "The government doesn't GIVE you ANY rights!"

Then I spent a few minutes preaching about where the founding fathers thought our rights originated, what POWERS the government lawfully has, and why the concept of federalism is crucial. That event came in handy for several topics thereafter, such as the Nullification Crisis, the Civil War, and so on. Sadly the event also broke a bridge with that student, for which I am still sorry.

We'll discuss the Bill of Rights occassionally, but for now let's consider that they were an affirmation of the human rights already existant before the founding of any nation. This is astounding. But even more poignant is the Grace upon which these rights were founded.

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