Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reading through, for the 1st time

My friend Dave over at Troubled Corinthian mentioned recently that non-believers may think the Bible isn't much of a good read. After they become Christians, the Bible takes on a whole different meaning. As an adult convert, he discovered the Bible as literature in a way that "cradle Christians" don't naturally appreciate, since that kind of reading generally implies a suspension of disbelief. For Christians, the belief itself is primary, and suspension of disbelief plays into the more existential/philosophical battle.

At any rate, this year I'm going for it, on track to reading the Bible through in 2009. As with other literature, I've found I look for characters with whom I can associate, however I also look to the opposing character, to see how I also relate to him: Job and his "friends," Saul and David, Naomi and Boaz, and so on. These interrelationships are archetypes for humanity, and I usually see a little of myself in all of them.

So I'm connecting with God as I appreciate the depth of His Word. I found a 365 day Bible which also organizes chapters chronologically, so David's Psalms are inserted throughout the events he was experiencing. Great read. So here's a challenge: find 20 minutes a day to profoundly change your life for the better. Worst case, it's a notable accomplishment. And you probably already have a Bible, so you don't have to buy anything or go anywhere...or get on the StairMaster, or do yoga...

And if you need a little political reflection (don't put off the Bible for it, though!) go here:

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