Monday, June 1, 2009

The religion of socialism

As in the 1930s, we are seeing a resurgence of socialism in the media. An antithesis of freedom, socialist methodology attempts to turn each new generation's minds to mush.

Socialists advocate abortion rights, since socialism purports that "personhood" is defined by use value, which status can be bestowed by a person's caregivers. (A side note: aged people can have that status taken away when they are no longer useful. Keep that in mind as our nation contemplates a national health care system.)

So when does a person become useful to the movement as a whole? Answer: when they become true believers! As youths under the spell of their parents, proto-people struggle for meaning and awakening. If this is not acheived sooner, they may attend socialist purgatory--the university--for one last chance at seeing the light, before entering "the real world." Winston Churchill: "If one is young and not a liberal, he has no heart. If one is old and not a conservative, he has no brains." Sadly, modern liberals have become socialists, and conservatives are left fighting for both freedom and tradition.

Therefore, conservatives make life hell for socialists. Forge ahead.

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